This book focuses on some basic problems of new musical thinking. It provides insight to certain compositional goals and methods, offer help how to improve memory, improvisational skills and concentration, and assistance to practising chamber music. The pieces of this collection contain various verbal instructions that are easy to be translated into the language of music by those inexperienced in music or by musicians at all levels, accordance with their given mental faculties. The goal of the activities is to use elements of musical material with easily conceivable, open, but clear-cut forms that can be followed by people without musical background knowledge. The author attempted to expose constructivity inherent in each activity by enternig a new idea at every time in a way so that following the general discussion the player himself should find solutions and think out as many variations as he can.Thus their experience will be enriched through the creative force and they will be offered not ready-made

patterns and formulas to be repeated. One of the biggest advantage of this method is that the activities can be performed by people inexperienced in music, but they might also present tasks for instrumentalists with considerable musical background. As such this method made a shift from the Kod�ly-method because S�ry does not focuse only on singing but on music present everywhere: in singing, instruments, our surroundings and the human speech.


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”L�szl� S�ry’s pedagogical masterpiece deserves to be called ’S�ry- method’.”

Imre F�ldes (From the Preface of the book)